11 months ago
3rd Friday 2013

Time, Gravity, and Bouncing Balls — A mix for Ombric Shalazar {listen}

"Ombric was generally a wizard of extraordinary calm. Nothing seemed to surprise him. How could it? He was the last survivor of the lost city of Atlantis! He was a man who had seen and done everything… He’d helped invent time, gravity, and bouncing balls!"

—William Joyce, Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King

i. James Newton Howard; The Crystal Chamber ii. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis; All Things Beautiful iii. Faun; Pearl iv. Anuna; The Dawn v. Howard Shore; Flaming Red Hair vi. Lindsey Stirling; Electric Daisy Violin vii. Trevor Jones; Dinotopia Main Theme viii. Faun; The Butterfly

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