8 months ago
20th Tuesday 2013

Black Horses {listen}

GoC Western AU — Pitch Black

They said he was a hero once, before he started going by Pitch. A general in the war, all sorts of medals. Don’t know exactly what happened to him, but it must have been bad, because ever since he’s been nothing but a murderer. 

i. The Black Keys; When The Lights Go Out ii. Basil Poledouris; The Attack iii. Hans Zimmer; Canyon Chase iv. Laura Marling; Devil’s Resting Place v. Geoff Zanelli; Buffalo Jump vi. Gin Wigmore; Kill of the Night vii. Lera Lynn; Wolf Like Me viii. Basil Poledouris; Night Mares ix. Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs; Devil Do x. David Arnold; Somebody’s Out There xi. The Brothers Bright; Blood on My Name

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    Don’t forget dead mans gun from red dead redemption soundtrack
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  13. gretchensinister said: …okay now I really want a Western AU. (With a small blond city slicker who gets into a situation way over his head, but proves to be surprisingly savvy. I’m hopeless.)
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