7 months ago
22nd Thursday 2013

We Were Only Soldiers {listen}

A fanmix for the armies of the Golden Age

"We didn’t understand what we were going out to fight, what it would do to us. All we knew was home—light, and stars, and all the beauty that Golden Age had to offer us. We didn’t understand the darkness. We didn’t understand fear."

i. Alexandre Desplat; Lily’s Theme ii. Harry Gregson-Williams; From Western Woods to Beaversdam iii. Christophe Beck; Walk to Party iv. Howard Shore; The Ride of the Rohirrim v. Two Steps From Hell; United We Stand, Divided We Fall vi. Joe Hisaishi; The Dragon Boy/The Bottomless Pit vii. James Newton Howard; Across the Desert viii. Audiomachine; Strange Light ix. Ramin Djawadi; What is Dead May Never Die x. Danny Elfman; The Story xi. Two Steps From Hell; Icarus xii. James Horner; Something Wicked This Way Comes xiii. Elmer Bernstein; The Army of the Dead xiv. George Fenton; The Earth’s Highest Challenge xv. Thomas Bergersen; Soulseeker xvi. Harry Gregson-Williams; Sorcery and Sudden Vengeance xvii. James Newton Howard; Raptors/Stand Together xviii. Loreena McKennit; Lullaby

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