7 months ago
14th Saturday 2013

The Schoolmaster {listen}

GoC Western AU — Ombric Shalazar

"He’s a bit odd, Mr. Shalazar. Don’t rightly know where he’s from, but I think it’s near Greece. Built himself his own town, and made himself schoolmaster. All sorts o’ odd folk go there, scientists and the like. A bit looney, I think he is, but even St. North’s got stories about him—said he was swallowed whole by a great black bear, only to be spat back out again!"

i. Ray Evens & Jay Livingston; Bonanza Theme ii. Basil Poledouris; Cowboys Down the Street iii. James Horner; Building A New Town iv. Bruce Rowland; A Long Way From Home v. Basil Poledouris; The Fire vi. Alfred Newman; How The West Was Won (Main Title) vii. Burt Bacharach; South American Getaway viii. Bruce Broughton; To Turley ix. Elmer Bernstein; The Magnificent Seven Theme

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